Newborn Silhouette Art: available even during lockdown!

Do you remember the first photo you took of your new babe? I absolutely do. In August 2011 I had the absolute honour of welcoming my son Maclean into the world. After more than 24 hours of labour he was born grey and silent. Suddenly, an absence of noise was the worst sound my exhausted brain had ever processed. And then, just as suddenly, or maybe it was an eternity later - time had no meaning, he was crying. From across the room I could see that my gorgeous miracle was turning pink and the photographer in me wanted his likeness captured. My wife stood next me, fully frozen in fear. Most of us have a flight or fight response when met with terrifying situations. My wife, on the other hand, tends to do a snowman impression. Her gorgeous brown eyes had bugged out to cartoon-like proportions. I begged her to grab the DSLR in our bag and take a photo of him. She was entirely unable. But she did pass me the camera. And once he was placed in her arms I was able to capture their first photo together. This one right here with the focus falling squarely on the back of my wife's neck - like the true professional that I am. 

Black and white photo of a new mom holding her baby wrapped in a blanket.

And in the days, weeks, and years that followed I have not stopped taking his photo. These images are what tell story of his movement through this world. They capture these brief moments in time, showing how quickly he changes from one day/week/month/year to the next. I'm so honoured to have the job of his personal documentarian. And I'm equally honoured to take on that role for growing families. Being able to capture a moment in the early days of a child's life is nothing short of magic. 


Unfortunately, Covid-19 has taken this ability away. Ontario is currently in another lockdown and that means that retail photography is not allowed. So I was absolutely thrilled to be able to create some silhouette art for this new family (you may remember them from their beautiful winter maternity session).

 silhouette of mother, new baby, and father in front of a sky showing the milky way. Sky is blue. In the top left corner is a white box that reads: your cell phone photos. Also in the white box are two photos showing the mother and child and father .

I love the simplicity of these silhouettes. There are no distractions. No worries about haircuts or clutter. Just one piece of art created to show the love between these three people. And what a story to tell this baby when he is older about his birth in the middle of a pandemic and this newborn shoot done virtually. 

Want to make this magic happen?

The process is easy! You can contact me or buy right from the website. These pieces are $50 CDN (but available globally) for up to 6 subjects. Additional subjects can be added for $5 each. These silhouettes can also be put onto new backdrops for $10 each. All you need to do is email me photos of each subject against a mostly plain wall, choose your backdrop, and I will do the rest!

 silhouette of a shadow of a branch, a mother, a new baby, and a father against a wall. Light from window also casts shadows of a blind on the wall. Wall is a pinkish-orange colour.
 silhouette of mother, new baby, and father against bokeh city view at sunrise.
 silhouette of mother, new baby, and father on a hill. Sky shows the green Northern Lights and stars. Sky is dark blue with some pink and yellow.
 silhouette of mother, new baby, and father next to a silhouette of parliament hill in Ottawa Ontario. Sky is orange with a small amount of clouds.
 silhouette of mother, new baby, and father on a hill against a blue and pink sky with clouds
 silhouette of mother, new baby, and father in front of a large moon. Text below them reads: To the moon and back.
black and white silhouette of mother, new baby, and father.
black and white silhouette of mother, new baby, and father against a blue sky with clouds

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