New Silhouettes: The Abstract Collection
Silhouette Art · 17. May 2021
Abstract silhouettes combine your real silhouettes with fantasy backdrops. They can be done 100% virtually by sending in your own cell phone photos and choosing your favourite backdrop.
The story of a quarantine haircut from the perspective of a photographer's child in Ottawa Ontario
Meet the Irelands · 26. April 2021
The time of Covid-19 has meant that we need to do almost everything differently. Haircuts are no exception. Maclean is unimpressed with his mom's hair styling talents and even less impressed by his other mom's insistence on photographing everything.

Newborn Silhouette Art: available even during lockdown!
Silhouette Art · 18. April 2021
Celebrating new life during a pandemic is a challenging experience. Showing off the new babe to friends and family is complicated. And depending on the rules in your city/country professional newborn photos may not be allowed. These custom silhouettes give you a piece of art that you can share with the world and print for your wall.
Virtual Parent's Day Gift Ideas
Silhouette Art · 11. April 2021
Holidays in a pandemic are very different experiences. I can't make Mother's Day/Parent's Day brunch possible. I can't reconnect grandparents who are missing their grandchildren. But I can help you celebrate in a very 2021 way: digitally. You send in your photos and choose your backdrop and I will do the rest.

Grad Photos in a Pandemic? Yes Absolutely!
Silhouette Art · 05. April 2021
Graduating in a pandemic doesn't mean you need to forgo fun graduation photos. These grad photos are done 100% virtually. You send in your photo, choose you backgrounds, and I will do the rest.
Connecting Kids with their Art: Dreamland Silhouettes
Silhouette Art · 29. March 2021
Kids LOVE seeing their art in print. These silhouettes connect them with their creations bringing their dream worlds to life. You send in a photo of your child's drawing, a cell phone photo of your child, and I will do the rest.

I Heart Ottawa: how to celebrate Ottawa with a virtual photoshoot
Silhouette Art · 08. March 2021
I did not grow up in Ottawa but this city has absolutely become my home. I met my wife here. We birthed our son here. We created this beautiful business here. I love this gorgeous city we live in! I often walk around and marvel at the fact that this magnificent city is what my child will call his hometown.
The Covid Pivot: Ottawa photographer finds new work providing digital art
Silhouette Art · 07. March 2021
It was the last week of 2020. An objectively terrible year. It had its moments of joy, and family, and connection, certainly. But, as it was for many of us, it was the hardest year of my life. So, with mere days left in its tragic existence, I set out to celebrate the new year in any small way I could.

Should you have an outdoor winter pregnancy shoot in Ottawa?
Winter Photo Shoots · 07. March 2021
It’s winter. In Ottawa. I get it - we are all a little tired of shoveling snow, tripping over wet boots at the door, and wiggling our cold toes. Ottawa has very wintery winters. Believe me when I say I am not generally a winter enthusiast. But winter photoshoots? I am HUGELY enthusiastic about those!
Introductions: Ottawa photographers Kristin and Tracy Ireland of Mondays with Mac
Meet the Irelands · 06. March 2021
Well hello there! We are Kristin and Tracy Ireland, a wife and wife photography team in Ottawa Ontario. The blog space on this website is new but we have been professional photographers, serving Ottawa and beyond, for 9 years. We started this company in 2012, with a new baby at home, and dream to build a life that keeps our family supported while also keeping our hearts full.