Grad Photos in a Pandemic? Yes Absolutely!

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been the great taker. It has taken lives. It has taken joy. It has taken so much from us. And yet, we continue forward. Our children have persisted with their education. Sometimes that has meant setting up at kitchen tables with family distractions and unstable wifi. Other times that has meant in-person schooling with masks and distancing. Every part of their educational experience has been altered this year. And now, many of them are looking forward to graduations that will look nothing like the graduations of years passed. Some cities and school boards may be going ahead with transformed proms, grad parties, and photos. Others are skipping these rights of passage entirely. There is no right way to approach graduation celebrations this year - but the reality is that none of these options are what we imagined for our kids. 


I can't change that. I can't force the pandemic to take a break so that these kids can celebrate their hard work with the party they deserve. But I can help to create awesome grad photos with their friends. Even if they can't be with those friends in person. 


How is this possible? Silhouettes! All you need to do is send me photos of each graduate taken with your cell phone. Then choose your backdrops. And wait for me to do my magic. Someday these kids are going to look back on these bizarre years and tell the next generation about what it was like to graduate in a pandemic. These photos will give them the perfect keepsake. 


Whether they are graduating from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, or college - I've got options for you! 

Silhouette of 4 girls in grad hats on top of letters reading 2021 GRADS with a pink sky
silhouettes of 4 boys in graduation caps against a teal sky with the milky way
silhouettes of 5 boys with grad caps in front of a digital drawing of cliffs, blue water, orange sky, and yellow sun with reflection n the water.
silhouettes of 3 girls with grad caps in front of a sky with the northern lights.

Does it seem too good to be true? Are you worried you don't have the right photography equipment to take a photo of your child? If you have a phone you have everything you need. Take your photo against a plain backdrop. That's it. 

silhouettes of 3 girls with grad caps in front of a blue sky on top of the letters KINDERGARTEN
silhouettes of 4 boys in grad caps on top of the letters lourdes. The sky is orange. There is a skateboard ramp next to the L
5 boys in silhouette wearing grad caps on block letters reading 2021 grads. The sky is blue
silhouettes of 3 girls in grad caps on a hill against a blue sky with bits of pink
silhouettes of 4 girls on a black and white abstract digital backdrop of lines, triangles, and a circle for a sun. Image is black and white.
5 boys in silhouette in front of an orange sky next to a silhouette of parliament hill in Ottawa Ontario
silhouettes of 4 boys in grad caps in front of a city view at sunset.

Ready to get your own grad silhouette?

Awesome! I am so excited to create one of these images for you or your grad. The next steps are simple! You can purchase your grad photo right from our website. Each graduate buys their own single image for $25 plus HST each. Then they can choose a group backdrop and I will create that image at no charge. Each graduate can choose the group backdrop of their choice meaning that a group of 4 friends will get 4 single grad photos and 4 group photos.


Want only the single photo of just yourself or your graduating child? No problem. It's still just $25.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions! 


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